Grow-net has moved!

As you all are aware, GrowNet is a system that was designed to provide a consolidated platform for Corporate buyers to provide business opportunities to SMME with a view to reach their Broad Based Black Economic Targets. It is unfortunate that the system’s functionality did not meet the specified requirements, and for a brief period from July to October, the system was not used. The system is still being developed to enhance its functionality and work in this regard will continue until February 2020.

However, basic functionality can be utilised and since 19th November 2019 information regarding business opportunities and events was disseminated using this platform by the West Coast Business Development Centre (WCBDC). The GrowNet system was handed over to the WCBDC in July 2019 by the Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone and now serves as an Information Technology Communication (ICT) system/platform for the WCBDC, and it was apt to find a new name for the system, WestNet.

This notice serves to inform our stakeholders about the name change from GrowNet to WestNet. Any queries/questions that you may have regarding the system please contact us on or call us on 022 714 1731


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